Pre and Post Natal

Our studio is experienced in supporting clients in the pre and post natal period with group classes and private/semi private sessions. There are many exercise modifications that are required in the pre and post natal period. We have developed the following guidelines to help answer some of your questions. We always recommend speaking with the studio before commencing classes, we are more than happy to answer questions and help.

It is a requirement that you have medical clearance from your GP/Specialist to participate in any of the sessions.

0-16 weeks – as soon as you find out you are pregnant (congratulations!) please see your GP to gain clearance to start or continue with Pilates.

16+ weeks – if you have not been doing Pilates through your first 16 weeks, you are required to discuss with the studio and attend a 1:1 session prior to starting any group classes.

30+ weeks – we have observed that people find it difficult to continue in group classes therefore this is our upper limit of gestation for group class. We are happy to support you transitioning into private or semi private sessions.

Post Natal – Always discuss with the studio first before commencing any group classes. A 1:1 session is required prior to starting group classes. Your body has undergone significant changes and we want to ensure you are moving correctly before starting group classes. Must have medical clearance to return to exercise.

Private 1:1 (30 mins)
Pre-natal: Small Group (30 mins)