Time Table

Open Level

A class suitable for all from the absolute beginner to the more frequent Pilate goer. Our experienced instructors provide progressions and regressions so you can tailor the class to suit you. Please let the instructor know at the start of class if you’re new so we can help you out throughout class.

Reformer Cardio

Change up your routine and try our cardio class! Using techniques learnt from our Open classes, this class will incorporate HIIT, strength and cardio moves with lots of sweat inducing spring options to get that heart pumping. We think you will love the post workout super endorphin rush!

Beginner’s welcome but we recommend completing at least one Open class if you are new to the reformer as class pace and exercise transitions assume familiarity with the equipment. Please reach out or speak to your instructor if you have questions or are unsure if this is the right class for you before booking in. Not suitable for injuries or pre/post natal.

Stretch & Restore

A slower paced class to encourage full range of motion in an array of exercises that will challenge the body but also leave you feeling relaxed and energised. We add blissful tunes and finish class with some sleepy mood lighting* for the ultimate chill out experience.

Recommended for all levels (great for beginners!). And yes, lots of feet in straps. We know that’s the only reason you’re here. (*mood lighting for night time classes only)