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Two Week Trial

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Available to all new clients.
To be used within 14 days from first class.
*only valid for group class, not clinical or 1:1 sessions.

One purchase per person.


Class Levels


Just like your mum’s Sunday roast, these are the classics for a reason. This class focuses a little bit more on technique and building your confidence as well as your strength on the reformer. A top to toe workout layered with a mix of your favourite classic and contemporary Pilates moves, but don’t be fooled you’re sure to still get a good workout!

Suitable for:
– Anyone wanting to enjoy Pilates
– Pre-natal up to 30 weeks
– Those new to Reformer Pilates

Leave class feeling: Energised and confident with a slight strut for the rest of your day.


Strength, stability and control. This class is for those wanting to step up their Pilates practice with hand weights, heavier springs and more complex movements and layers on offer. You’ll definitely feel the burn and maybe even get a little sweaty. Embrace the challenge as you twist, hinge, press and pull yourself through our 45 min Power class. We’ll be there to celebrate you making some dope shapes.

Suitable for: All levels. Layers and spring options are always offered so we always encourage you to take what suits and leave what doesn’t.

Leave class feeling: Unsure if you’ll be able to walk tomorrow but daaaaaaamn those muscles feel good.


Longer sets and more advanced springs options will have your heart pumping as you sweat your way through 45 minutes of our most intense reformer offering. A super dynamic session that is guaranteed to give you that full body pump and burn. This is a full on endorphin rush, challenging your strength and of course, endurance.

Suitable for: All levels but we do recommend at least 2-3 Classic/Power classes before signing up if you are new to reformer as a familiarity with all of the equipment is assumed. Not suitable for pre or post-natal.

Leave class feeling: Unsure of what just happened, yet immediately booking the next session so you can do it again!

Stretch and Restore

A slower paced class to encourage full range of motion in an array of exercises that will challenge the body but also leave you feeling relaxed and energised. We add blissful tunes and place a focus on breathing and slowing things down. Class is delivered with some sleepy mood lighting for the ultimate chill out experience. Recommended for all levels (great for beginners!). And yes, lots of feet in straps. We know that’s the only reason you’re here.

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